Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Freeway - Freeway - Decca 1979

Another one from a wish list. This one's for Robots for Ronnie.
Freeway wasn't actually a band but a project of the rather busy session pianist/organist John Hobbs and the legendary west coast producer/musician Terry Melcher.
If you haven't heard of Melcher yet (who was a son of Doris Day) check his biography at Wikipedia. He worked with the Beach Boys, Dylan, The Mamas & Papas to name but a few and was involved with the Manson Family.
A very west coasty career yet this effort sounds more like an east coast affair as it is reminiscent of the early Steely Dan.
Quite a pleasant album with Mel Collins on sax.

Artwork included.
Comments appreciated.



  1. this is an amazing humanistic record, i must say. thanks a lot for ripping this one and for letting me know about the blog!

  2. This looks interesting, i will give it a try. Thank you for sharing these nice albums with us.


  3. Wow great band awsome songs thank you for sharing bro !!!