Monday, 23 March 2009

Havenstock River Band - Havenstock River Band - Impress 1972

I actually haven't seen this one around very often. Even on the net there's little or no information abound these guys.
They seemed to have made at least one album with ex-Limeliters' Glenn Yarbrough who still tours with a band named Havenstock River Band yet none of them is identical with this original 1971/72 outfit.
I somewhere found the description "Rural guitar piano rock, barband sound with Christian concerns." That's about what it is, they would have been well in line with the Capricorn catalogue where they might have been treated with a better production.
I found this one on 6070Rock's wish list.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Slack Alice - Slack Alice - Philips 1974

Another one for Robots for Ronnie.

Slack Alice were a quite experienced Pub Rock band from London with strong elements of Blues and Boogie Rock. Alice Spring's voice sometimes sounds like Maggie Bell but the album lacks outstanding guitar work or sounds.
Yet it's well worth a listen. More about the band can be learned here.

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Freeway - Freeway - Decca 1979

Another one from a wish list. This one's for Robots for Ronnie.
Freeway wasn't actually a band but a project of the rather busy session pianist/organist John Hobbs and the legendary west coast producer/musician Terry Melcher.
If you haven't heard of Melcher yet (who was a son of Doris Day) check his biography at Wikipedia. He worked with the Beach Boys, Dylan, The Mamas & Papas to name but a few and was involved with the Manson Family.
A very west coasty career yet this effort sounds more like an east coast affair as it is reminiscent of the early Steely Dan.
Quite a pleasant album with Mel Collins on sax.

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Blue Rose - Blue Rose - Epic 1972

Well, my first post is an Epic album from 1972 that I found on the wish list over at 6070Rock.
I guess the best known member of Blue Rose was Terry Furlong of Grass Roots fame. "My impersonal life" went rather big when Three Dog Night recorded the tune.
I actually bought the album some years back because Harvey Mandell appears on "I'll never be in love again".

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