Monday, 16 March 2009

Blue Rose - Blue Rose - Epic 1972

Well, my first post is an Epic album from 1972 that I found on the wish list over at 6070Rock.
I guess the best known member of Blue Rose was Terry Furlong of Grass Roots fame. "My impersonal life" went rather big when Three Dog Night recorded the tune.
I actually bought the album some years back because Harvey Mandell appears on "I'll never be in love again".

Artwork included.
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  1. Hi Ripertoire ,
    Just passing by, to say welcome
    to the psychedelic univerce of delights!

    My Best Wishes!
    and thanx for keeping me a friendly link .


  2. Your welcome! Thanks for returning the favour!!

  3. Terry Furlong was a key member of the group Blue Rose, but several musicians who went on to greater fame also played with them at different times. Also some very talented musicians who remained on the perimeter of fame worked with the band. My late husband, Dave Thomson, a co-founder of the group, co-wrote several songs on the album and played bass.